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What Our Clients Are Saying
“I’m 90 years old and working with Barbara has been a real pleasure.  It feels great to know that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have tangible memories of me for years to come.  It’s been very meaningful to put my memories in writing and preserve them along with some of my favorite photographs.”

- Esther C.
Life Story client

“Barbara brought together a variety of media, including old 8mm family movies, black and white photos from the 30’s and 40’s and color shots from more recent years to create a wonderful visual history about my mother and our family.  This family story in DVD format was dedicated to Mom and given to her on the occasion of her 85th birthday.  She loved it, as did my dad, sister, and wife.  It turned out to be a gift to my entire family, not just Mom.

We could not have been happier with Barbara’s professionalism and visual story telling abilities.  I am also happy in the knowledge that we have something to pass along to our children as well, showing their grandmother and the rest of our family from many years ago that will endure in an electronic format.  Putting this all together myself would have been a task of epic proportions – it was wonderful to hand over the old film and photos to Barbara, knowing that she would make sense of it all and mix visuals and music to create a wonderful family keepsake.”

-Gary M.
     Slideshow DVD client

“Barbara has completed many projects for our family including oral histories, our father’s war memoirs, two memorial tribute slideshow DVDs, including music that brings them to life, conversion from old audio cassette, reel-to-reel tapes, and 8mm films, scanning of slides and  pictures, and more.  The quality is great but more importantly, she’s made these priceless treasures accessible through today’s technology and preserved them for future generations.  She ties our memories together in a usable format as opposed to photos in an old shoebox that seldom get seen.  For what we spend on lattes in a year we have items that will be priceless to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  When you split that cost between siblings, it’s even more affordable.  We have a lot more work for Barbara to do for us!”
                                                   - Ron S.
                                                    Oral History client

“Thank you for your invaluable contributions to the development of my book in its preliminary stages.  Your technical skills preserved my “voice” and gave me a manuscript graced with refined sentence structure, flow and continuity.  Your belief in me helped me complete what at times felt like an overwhelming task.”
                             - Nancy M.
                             Editing client, Published Memoir

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