Because the preservation of personal history and family memories is so specific to each situation, how we work together depends on your needs, priorities, and time constraints.  There are many ways in which to use my skills and expertise, and I can help you maximize the results, no matter what your budget.

I can assist you in person, by phone, by email, or even by Skype on the computer.  While meeting face-to-face is often preferable, it’s not always possible or cost-effective so I’ll work with you to make sure that we achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Complimentary Initial Consultation
In our initial consultation I’ll ask you questions designed to determine your priorities and goals and to determine if we’re a good match.  If we are, we’ll then outline the scope of your project, the timeline, and the budget. 

Defining the Project
We can structure the project to maximize your own involvement, or that of other family members, so that you can make the best use of my time and talents, or I can manage the entire project for you.  In either case, before we begin I will provide you with a written service agreement outlining the project and terms based on our discussion.  Upon your signature of approval and receipt of a deposit (usually 50% of the estimated cost) I will begin work.

Gathering Information and Materials
Using the forms and outlines I provide, you’ll supply me with background biographical information and data.  This will allow us to make good use of our time together, and will likely also prompt other memories and identification of other areas to explore. You will also be asked to provide real or digital copies of photographs and other artifacts that we decide to include in the project.  I can pick up some of these things when we meet or they can be emailed to me.  Others may need to be mailed or shipped to me.  (Please note: wherever possible I suggest that originals not be sent but depending on the project that’s not always possible or even desirable.  Exceptional care is taken with your precious items and all necessary precautions are taken to safely incorporate them into the project and then return them to you.)

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Conducting Interviews/Producing the Project
Depending on the nature of your project, once I have the necessary preliminary information, I’ll begin doing interviews or developing the actual project.  When a first draft is ready, I’ll send it to you for your review and corrections, changes, and additions.  We’ll work closely together to ensure the project meets your expectations.

Final Production
Depending on the nature of your project, once you’ve signed off on any revisions I’ll produce the final copy based on your specifications.  If it’s a printed volume or converted film or audio/video product, I’ll work with the publisher/printer or technician to ensure quality, accuracy, and that it meets your specific requirements.

Your complete satisfaction is my goal.
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