Lively "Hands-On" Workshops
Half the fun should be in the journey and The Lasting Legacy Series is designed to transform an overwhelming and isolating task into a joyful experience of shared memories and quick progress.

Workshop participants are able to explore and share family history in a warm and structured setting at affordable group rates.  Our unique approach is systematic, simple and fun, and gives participants a quick and exhilarating "win" with their very first step.

Even the sobering prospect of organizing one's important documents and contemplating one's final wishes takes on a fresh and manageable feel when handled in small bites in a group setting.

Over the course of just a matter of weeks, each participant will create a body of work that will be appreciated and treasured for generations to come.
The Workshops
The Family History Workshops are devoted to the preservation of family history by connecting it to specific elements, such as family recipes, heirlooms, photographs, traditions, values, and more.  (Each part is 16 hours and can be scheduled in eight 2-hour sessions, four 4-hour sessions, or two 8-hour sessions)

Family History - Part 1: Topics include recipes, heirlooms, photographs, traditions and                             more

Family History - Part 2: Topics include childhood, birthdays, school, faith and more

Family History - Part 3: Topics include family stories, home & hearth, best friends,                                                     defining moments and more

The Family Matters Workshops are devoted to the organization of important information and documents and to the articulation of one's preferences for end of life matters such as funeral wishes and plans, last letters to loved ones, key information for obituaries, and ethical wills.  (Each part is 16 hours and can be scheduled in eight 2-hour sessions, four 4-hour sessions, or two 8-hour sessions.)

Family Matters - Part 4: Topics include compiling basic information and organizing                                          essential documents such as insurance policies, account information,                                       and health records

Family Matters - Part 5: Topics include final wishes and planning your lasting legacy                                                  including last letters and ethical wills

What memories do your family recipes evoke?  What if you could begin saving those recipes - and the stories associated with them - in just two hours?  Sign up for the Family History Workshop - Part 1 and begin saving your most important family heirlooms, including those great old recipes.
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The Lasting Legacy Series
A "Small Bite" Approach to Telling Your Family's Story through:

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Pricing for these unique workshops, developed and offered exclusively by Your Life & Times, begins at just $35 for a single session.  Call (616) 292-7387 or email us for more details.
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