Lottie Hatch Neufeld
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Unknown Hatch woman; probably Catherine Mitchell, wife of Junius, Sr.  Copyright 2010 Your Life and Times - All Rights Reserved
She eventually married Henry Neufeld of one of the plains states and they bought (built?) a farm on Foster Road in Haslett, Michigan.  Lottie survived his death in the 1950s to live into her 80s.  She died in March of 1968.
Lottie Hatch Neufeld  Copyright 2010 Your Life & Times - All Rights Reserved


The Hatch Project is my big, white whale - my Moby Dick.  I'll be chasing this project, working on it, fishing for greater and greater detail on this fascinating family for the rest of this life and perhaps into the next.  You can call me Ishmael.  While I am related to the Hatch family, they are not part of my direct line.  They are, however, my most intriguing line with a richness of history and drama that mirrors that of 18th and 19th century America.

While I will continue to post content in the more user-friendly format of my blog at Blogger, at some point I suspect I'll end up publishing a separate website devoted exclusively to the Hatch saga.  It will hopefully be close to the same time that I manage to publish my book about the Hatches.  What's that? You didn't know I was writing a book?  Well, now you do.

Please feel free to check back from time to time to see if I'm making any progress on this whale - er - saga.  I promise that you'll end up hooked* on the story just like me.  Or your money back.

(aka Barbara Cooley)

* I threw in that pun at no extra charge.  *smile*
Portrait of an unidentified woman from approximately 1860.  Believed to be a member of the Junius Hopkins Hatch, Sr. family, possibly his wife, Catherine.  Cousin Robert Hatch of St. Joseph, Michigan has a portrait of Junius Sr. from roughly the same era and in an identical frame.  I just had some high-quality scans done of several of the Hatch photos and will load them soon.

Anna Hatch
Family Photograph circa 1920

Junius standing outside the state capitol with his omnipresent cigar, no doubt "one of Sutter's best" as he mentioned in a letter home from the Civil War.
Anna Hatch was one of two daughters of Albert Gallatin Hatch and grew up in Buffalo, New York.  Once an adult, she lived with her father's younger and only sister, Grace Bierce Hatch, until Grace's death.

Anna became quite a quirky woman as she aged and the family has many, many stories about her, including the scandal that played out in court and on the front page of many newspapers when her 40-something attorney tried to marry her in order to get control of her fortune.  She was in her 80s at the time, senile, and nearly deaf.

She refused to travel by plane and didn't care for train travel, either, preferring to be chauffeured by car.  In her later years she traveled with suitcases and trunks loaded with her collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia that probably originally belonged to her Aunt Grace, as well as thousands of dollars in bearer bonds.

Anna died in the 1950s.

This is one of the loveliest pictures I have of Lottie.  The family, which included her sister, Elsie, and two brothers, Roger and Junius III, lived on Smith Street in Lansing, off Mount Hope Avenue.

She was schooled in all of the niceties of the day including elocution lessons (at Michigan State Agricultural College,) voice lessons with a private tutor, and dance classes at a studio in downtown Lansing.

When she came of age, probably right around the turn of the century, her uncle, Albert Gallatin Hatch of Buffalo, New York, gave her a sizable sum of money so that she would never feel that she had to marry and so that she could always make her own choices.  How forward-thinking of him.

Likely Anna Hatch circa 1930 Copyright 2010 Your Life and Times - All Rights Reserved
Junius H. Hatch, Jr. circa 1880 Copyright 2010 Your Life and Times - All Rights Reserved
Junius H. Hatch, Jr.
Family Photograph circa1880

Mouse over to see the restoration of this picture of Junius Hopkins Hatch, Jr. circa 1880 in a cabinet photo taken at the Cheney & Christmas Photography Studio in Lansing, Michigan.
Junius Hopkins Hatch, Jr. was born in New York and later emigrated to Michigan at his father's behest.  Still, when the Civil War began, Junius enlisted with his old friends from New York and served with the famed Ellsworth's Avengers of the 44th NY, Company A.

Juny, as friends and family called him, served with distinction as a Lieutenant for several years.  Click here to see a list of the battles he fought in and a photocopy of the list in his own hand.  During one of the battles he suffered a crippling injury leaving him with limited use of one of his hands.

Following the war, Junius returned to St. Joseph, Michigan but eventually found work at the Michigan State Capitol in an administrative capacity, a position he held for many years.

Like his brother, Ned, Junius was an avid fisherman and was greatly concerned and involved with the regulations the state implemented.  Many of the letters between the brothers were filled with talk of fishing and particularly with the season opening.  Ned and Juny would meet in Grand Rapids, Juny coming from Lansing and Ned coming from St. Joseph, and from there would proceed north to their favorite fishing camp.

Ned owned a successful manufacturing plant in St. Joseph and brother, Albert or "Ally" owned his own firm in Buffalo, New York.  Ally apparently didn't care for fishing like his two brothers did.  There was a fourth brother, Will, who died as a young man while working for the Ohio Railroad.  Family letters allude to the wild nature of Will, and the response from the railroad to a letter Junius Sr. wrote after his death indicates that Will was responsible for his own death through his careless and reckless behavior.
Ned and Juny Hatch circa 1880 Copyright 2010 Your Life & Times - All Rights Reserved
Two friends of Ned and Juny's, no doubt taken on one of their many fishing trips in Michigan.
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Unknown Hatch Woman
Family Photograph circa 1860
Lottie, Anna and Grace Hatch
Family Photograph circa 1920
Lottie, Anna & Grace Hatch circa 1920  Copyright 2010 Your Life & Times - All Rights Reserved
I've been going through old family photos while working on this website and, as always, I keep coming back to one of my all-time favorites, the photo above.

So, what do you think about this moody, turn-of-the-century photo taken at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California?  It's the work of photographer Harold Taylor and quietly captures the pace and mood of the idyllic life at a popular resort in those days.

On the left is my "aunt" Lottie Hatch Neufeld and on the right is her cousin, Anna Hatch, standing over their aunt, Grace Bierce Hatch.
Junius Hatch, Jr. circa 1910  Copyright 2010 Your Life & Times - All Rights Reserved

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