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What Will Your Legacy Be?
Most of us work hard to build and protect our assets for our children and grandchildren.  However, we often overlook the legacy that cannot be measured in dollars and cents: our family's history and values, the wisdom we've acquired over the years, the stories behind the photographs, heirlooms and recipes, what our struggles have taught us, and how our faith has carried us.

Connecting one generation to the next - that's one of the most important
things a family can do and we do it best by:

The Lasting Legacy Series is a group of workshops designed to begin the preservation and transmission of one's most valuable legacy: family history, memories, wisdom, values, traditions, stories, heirlooms, documents, and photographs.

All of these items speak to what makes each individual - each family - unique, and ensure preservation of family history and its transfer from one generation to the next.  They strengthen and refine family values and goals, help us understand recurring family themes, and add meaning to life's challenges.
It all adds up to a stronger family and a lasting legacy - which is exactly what our workshops and services are designed to do.  What will you do this week to preserve your family heritage?

Click here to learn more about The Lasting Legacy Series of workshops and how you can sign up.
Exciting News!  We are pleased to announce...

The Lasting Legacy Series
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  • Sharing accomplishments, dreams and goals
  • Preserving traditions and instilling values and beliefs
  • Providing provenance for family heirlooms
  • Capturing memories and sharing life lessons
You Have Boxes Full of Old Photographs...

...and you don't know what to do with them.  Or you wish you had asked more questions of your grandparents, or perhaps you're the only one who knows the stories behind the family heirlooms. Maybe you've been left to tie up the loose ends of a disorganized estate and wish your loved one had organized their affairs better.

Sound Familiar?
Then you know the importance of capturing family history before it's lost forever, or the importance of attaching history and meaning to family heirlooms, or the tremendous value in organizing one's important documents.
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